Your Wellbeing

Our Wellbeing Statement

Stourport SCITT is committed to developing and strengthening wellbeing provision for those on the programme. We have drawn on the feedback from mentors, other partnership colleagues and previous cohorts to create a set of best practice principles.

Across our Partnership we:

  • Respect the context of the ITT year
  • Encourage collaboration over isolation
  • Balance judgement with recognition of achievement
  • Expect individual plan of self-care, role modelling where necessary

Respect the Context of the ITT year

School based mentors and expert colleagues acknowledge that trainee teachers are in their first year of teaching and will therefore require more support in all aspects of their training and teaching than that given to Early Career Teachers and that they do not yet have Qualified Teacher Status.


Encourage Collaboration over Isolation

School based mentors and colleagues do not expect independence, and value the trainee teacher’s willingness to seek help where needed and to collaborate on all aspects of the working day, including sharing resources where appropriate. Approachability of the SCITT Professional Mentor and placement/subject mentor is highlighted annually as a key factor in the quality of our core curriculum weeks and added value in placement schools.


Balance Judgment with recognition of achievement

The regular judgment against the curriculum, within the context of ITT and the setting of areas of development, is balanced with acknowledgement of the ongoing contribution Trainee Teachers make to pupil progress and wider school life. Within the journey towards QTS, placement colleagues acknowledge the context of trial and error and are supportive of Trainee Teachers along this pathway. Trainee Teachers are encouraged to log mistakes and solutions in order for progress to be evident up to and beyond each of the Assessment Points.


Expect Individual Plan of Self-Care, Role-Modelling Where Necessary

From expression of initial interest, through recruitment and selection, to the Induction Days and throughout the school placements, the central SCITT team emphasise the importance of workload awareness and encourage Trainee Teachers to prepare the friends and families who make up each individual support structure, for the challenges of the training year ahead. Placement colleagues will similarly expect Trainee Teachers to be open and quick to respond to periods of pressure in alerting them and seeking support where needed. We whole heartedly recognise and encourage the importance of wellbeing and mindfulness and are delighted to have a programme of focused mindfulness sessions, throughout the course, available for our trainees to engage with and develop if they wish.