Trainee Support

Chain of Support

We understand that you may feel overwhelmed; we have fully integrated support provisions in place to support you throughout your course with us.

General Mentor

Your General Mentor will be your constant throughout your placement. This will be the person that will meet with you weekly to review your progress and development priorities. They are highly skilled at responding to individual needs.

If you are a primary trainee, this will very often be the person you are with every day.


Mentor Leadership Team

As a trainee the mentor leadership team really gets to know you well, right from your interactions at interview through to core curriculum training sessions and school visits. They give both pastoral and academic support throughout the year. Our mentor leadership team has vast experience in supporting trainees through the different challenges they may face, both personal and academic.


SCITT Core Team

Well-being of our trainees, mentors and expert colleagues is most important to us. Your teacher training year will be rewarding but, at times challenging. We have many levels of easy and quickly accessed support we can put in place to enable you to succeed and flourish- as this is the aim of the programme for you as a trainee teacher and all involved in the programme. We all want you to become the best teacher you can.